Application for Exhibitions

Applications for exhibitions

All professional artists have to follow the same procedure when applying for an exhibition spot, in order to enable a fair process.
We kindly remind you that if you do not follow these steps, you will not be taken into consideration.

How to apply:
For artists working/living in the Nordic countries or Germany:

Those who wish to apply for an generel exhibition spot have to work and/or live in the Nordic countries or in Germany.

For artists from all over the world:
The exhibitions ‘Fresh Legs‘ or ‘Mini Prints Berlin‘ are open for all international artists from all over the world.

See application form below for applying.

Extra information:
• All kind of medias and technics are welcome.
• Please note: we do not consider applications containing external links or webpages unless you are applying with animations or films.

fresh leggs brainstorm

Applicationform Exhibitions GHA (fill out the form in english please!)