Henry Stöcker (DE)

Henry Stöcker (DE)

HENRY STÖKER // ATELIER BERLIN WEIßENSEE // ART IN PROGRESS //                      Henry Stöcker

Henry Stöcker, born in 1954 on the island of Rügen, Germany, is a predominantly sculptural artist who currently lives and works in Berlin. His extensive biological studies at the University of Rostock and fascination with the subject plays an integral role in his artistic practice, resulting in a body of work that holds a significant dialogue between science and art. He also finds inspiration in the human figure and its mass, weight, and volume, all of which can be interpreted in his work.

Stöcker’s sculptures, created with materials such as metal, plaster, concrete, wax and wire, reflect his interest in shaping imagination and expectation. Through playful forms, his works hold a personal invitation to explore and interact. Stöcker is continually testing the viewer to look for something recognisable, bringing to life biomorphic shapes that may otherwise only been seen under a microscope. This leads to a blur in the line between representation and the abstract, highlighting with a subtle sense of humour the interrelations of the organic form and artistic expression.

It is easy to notice the artistic honesty in Stöcker’s work, regarding both his choice of material and their references to biological form. Particularly in his plaster sculptures is a sense of fragility, as if they conceal a broken limb. Stöcker’s innovative approach to sculpture has won numerous awards throughout his artistic career, and he remains to be a practicing artist in Berlin today.

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1954 Born in Bergen on the Island of Rügen, Germany
1976 Master in Biology, WPU Rostock,
1985 – 90 Studie at Art Academi Berlin-Weißensee, Sculptor
1990 –91 Aspirant with Prof. Schönfelder
1991 – 92 Master in Art
1992 – 94 NaFöG- Grant Senates von Berlin
1990 Prize Winner at ”Oltre il muro“, Mailand
1990 TAKIFUJI-BJUTSU-SHOU, Grant/Prize der Japan Cultural Association
1997 Prize Winner at Karow-Nord
2002 Teacher at Art Academi Berlin-Weißensee
Live and work in Berlin and Storkow

Public Art and collections

Sculpture for Kunst am Bau in Karow-Nord, Berlin
Sculpture for Märkisches Museum, Berlin
Sculpture for Senat von Berlin (ehemal. Künstlerförderung)
Sculpture for Kulturamt Pankow, Berlin
Sculpture for Berlinische Galerie, Landesmuseum für moderne Kunst
Sculpture for Frauenhofer-Institut für Biomedizinische Technik, Institutsteil Potsdam-Golm
Sculpture for Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin