About Us

Both galleries in Berlin (DE) and Kettinge (DK), in addition to its own artist studios on Lolland (DK), are owned and primarily managed by Heike Arndt. A significant note is that these galleries are run on a string of non-profit activities such as cultural events, workshops and meetups. This inclusive business strategy is an excellent framework for exhibitions as well as projects, workshops, research and professional growth in an international context. And has proven to be a strength to differentiate itself from more classical and commercial galleries. 



 Galleri Heike Arndt DK which was established in 1989 in Lolland, Denmark by Heike Arndt who is a German-born Danish-based artist, gallerist and cosmopolitan. She established and operated the gallery and related activities with great passion and success since 1989. In 2008, Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin was opened in the old East German district o Friedrichshain –  Berlin, an area where the alternative and authentic Berlin flourishes.


The gallery defines itself as “klein aber fein” (small but fine). Here you will find contemporary art with a focus on painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, graphics and other media such as street and digital art. A strong example of our offering is our graphics department, which consists of a large selection of works by international artists. We have chosen to support an active and dynamic dialogue between the Nordic and German art scenes in Berlin, often done in collaboration with various galleries, museums and other cultural institutions. Through the years as our partnerships grow stronger, we are proud to have a broad selection of international contemporary art in our collection.