German exhibition

30.3.2011 – 23.4.2011
Heike Ruschmeyer (DE) & Herbert Mondry (DE)

We are pleased to invite you to our new exhibition with the German artists Heike Ruschmeyer and Herbert Mondry. It is an exhibition, were both artists, through photography, collages and paintings embrace the human body. Below, you find more info about the two artists.

Heike Ruschmeyer
The German artist, Heike Ruschmeyer, portraits the dark side of our existence. Heike Ruschmeyer has among many international exhibitions also shown her work in a solo exhibition at “Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin”. Her works are very emotional and expressive.

Herbert Mondry
The symmetrical structure in the human body is what fascinates the well-known German photographer Herbert Mondry. His erotic and provoking photographs leaves longlasting marks in our mind.

“I document the body. I am fascinated by the sensibility, archaic presence and strict form, I avoid expressions”
Herbert Mondry, Berlin February 2011

Heike Ruschmeyer

Herbert Mondry (DE) HMFO12