Upcoming exhibition Kettinge

Discoveries  2017

Opening on october 14th at 1-5pm

Albrecht Wild (DE) Amanda Karlsson (SE) Anna M. Kempe (DE) Christina Tzani (GR) Chloe Grove (GB) Elham Rahmati (IR) Jean-Baptiste Monnin (FR) Katalin Kortmann (HU) Lutz Hellmuth (DE) Raquel Algaba (ES)


Also this year we found new and exciting artists in Berlin. Over a long period of time, we have been following artists with outstanding drawing skills in Berlin and are focusing this year’s exhibition on this technique. Of course, other media are also represented.

Artists such as English Chloe Grove, with her amazing color pencil drawings and the Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Monnin with his abstract building views or Raquel Algaba, portraying with great finesse absurdities ensure the high quality of our exhibition.

German Lutz Hellmuth, who, with his terracotta and bronze sculptures, reinterprets classical sculptures.

Greek Christina Tzania’s sophisticated watercolors and the dreamy reality of Anna M. Kempe complement the exhibition excellently. The three-dimensional images of the conceptual German artist Albrecht Wild and the Hungarian Katalin Kortmann invite the viewer to playfullness. The Iranian Elham Rahmati- shows delicate ink drawings and the beautiful oil painting of the Swedish Amanda Karlsson examine the human identity.


Opportunities at Art Lab Kettinge
Galleri Heike Arndt DK would also like to present its new initiative, Art Lab Kettinge. This is a satellite project linked to the gallery, offering a platform for non-commercial projects such as exhibitions, workshops and international residencies with varying cooperation partners. With focus on non-profit activities, Art Lab Kettinge will also be pleased to host international summer residencies. We will engage in other network-based activities for the benefit of the art and citizenship in the region, strengthening its international profile.

Exhibition objectives
Through Opdagelser, we aim to develop our already existing artistic network and reach out to other potential projects in Denmark, other Nordic countries and Germany. Galleri Heike Arndt DK always wishes to inspire both artists and our audiences. In this exhibition we want to enhance the reception of the brilliant opportunities for artistic growth, which characterises the Danish ‘Sun Coasts’. The region is characterised by beautiful landscapes and a wonderful quality of living, as well as the many initiatives in the fields of ecology and sustainable energy. This holds great appeal not only for the Danish people but also international artists and visitors alike. We hope this sense of diversity and opportunity is reflected in Opdagelser, and that it offers the citizens of Guldborgsund and Region Storstrøm an extraordinary experience of inter-cultural and artistic expression. In the future we also wish to host workshops available for all during the run of the exhibition and beyond.