Graphic Salon Berlin

Grafiksalon Berlin

I am proud to present several 100 graphic works from around the world.

Since our first Open Call Miniprint Berlin in 2014 and the opening of Artlab Kettinge in 2016, we have succeeded and expanded our graphic collection considerably.

In 2019, for the first time, welcomed 5 well known graphic artists:

(Caroline Weinert DE, Ariel Kofman ARG, Robert Kelly (IRL), Xecon Uddin (FR) and Richard Hrlicko (US)
to our first graphics symposium in Denmark. A great success for all participating artists.

We now focus even more on international Graphics in the future.

Our annual Mini Maxi Print Open Call has been reverberated and every year, about 500 graphic artists from arround the world apply to participate in the anual exhibition taking place in our Berliner Gallery and many artists subsequently appear in Kettinge.

We would recommend to bring good time to enjoy our amazing collection. With prices from 30 – 800 Euro you can easaly find a host gift or a nice gift for yourself and others you care for.

You can find more examples of graphic artists we show here where we presented them for the first time in Berlin:

Artists selected for Miniprint 2014: Miniprint 2014

Artists selected for Miniprint 2015: Miniprint 2015

Artist selected  for Miniprint 2017: Miniprint 2017

Artist selected  for Miniprint 2018: Miniprint 2018