Anima exhibition

1. MAY – 1. JUNE 2019 – EXHIBITION OPENING: 1. MAY 2019 AT 19.00


Michael Kain (DE) painting,  Eeva Honkanen (FIN) drawingSimone Zewnik (DE) sculpture,  
Henry Stöcker (DE) sculptureParul Modha (DK) sculpture and embroidery


Despite different backgrounds, the five artists exposed in this exhibit share one same prevailing intention: to breathe life into inanimate elements.

Drawings, paintings, and sculptures make the transformation from a disarray of material to soulful entities that transcend the psyche of the viewer, inviting the audience to reflect upon the artist’s perspective of the world and of mankind. The exposed pieces all identify with the concept anima, exploring the subconscious side of man.

When art lovers have the rare opportunity to visit an artist in their study, the place is often experienced as chaotic and unmanageable. Among tools and utensils – hammer and pike, brush and pencil, metal and paint – there is a state of anarchy. Until there is almost Godlike inspiration and there is a glimpse of the newly created life, where the artist transforms their ideas into works of art.

In this way, we consider the artist a demiurge, defined by the classical Greek philosopher, Plato, as the one entity who fashions and shapes the material world. Our five artists take on this role, each in their own unique way: Zewnik (DE), with her pigskin humanoid sculptures, questions the eventual soul beyond flesh; Honkanen (FI) animates her monochrome artworks with fantastic and mythical elements; Modha (DK), with her collages and drawings, seeks her misplaced origin using everyday objects to piece together her early memories; Stöcker (DE) plays with abstract molecules and primordial structures in his sculptures, to describe the accidents of life in a whimsical manner; Kain’s (DE) colourful brush strokes in his paintings generate vivid texture, almost as nature does when Springtime approaches.

Within simple materials, the Anima Exhibition finds its distinct artistic form and expression, reflecting on the true inner self.


Michael Kain (DE)

Michael Kain (DE) creates abstract, heavily-layered oil paintings that demonstrate attentive experimentation with colour and structure. His pieces are reminiscent of modernist values of pure painting, with an honesty in the relationship between paint and canvas.


Parul Modha (DK)

Traits of everyday life, sewing needles and maps, become alive in Parul Modha’s drawings and sculptures. Memories from childhood are gathered in thimbles and threads, creating a playful bond between the past and the artist’s own story.


Simone Zewnik (DE)

The German artist Simone Zewnik’s pigskin sculptures somehow summarise all of us, in our daily being, as nothing but souls wrapped in skin and fabric. By equating each individual’s conformation to mere puppet or living being, she challenges the definition of mankind.


Eeva Honkanen (FI)

Inspired by comic books and cartoons, Eeva Honkanen (FI) successfully finds the perfect balance between illustration and drawing. Her work is an amazing explosion of realistic figures and the imagination – a humorous play on the grotesque and wonderful, with an impressive richness of detail.


Henry Stöcker (DE)

Henry Stöcker (DE) is a sculptural artist whose works are influenced by a fascination in biology. His playful use of form challenges the viewer to identify something recognisable, resulting in a perfectly balanced dialogue between science and art.