Frank Paul (DE)

Frank Paul (DE)

Frank Paul’s bizarre figures catch the eye of the audience in its obvious irony and dramatic undertone.
In his raw color combinations, he mixes scenes of mystery and everyday life, whereby the more complex questions in life are explored.

Born 1962 at Hildesheim, V. Germany.
Scene painter at the Hildesheim City Theatre, Germany, 1982-83.
Studied lithography and design at the Hildesheim/Holzminden School of Arts, Germany, from 1982-87.
Free art studies during the period of 1087-89 at folk high school in Braunschweig, Germany.
Full-time artist since March 1989.
Member of the »Billedsamfundet« in 1989.

Frank Paul

Frank Paul

Frank Paul 2

Frank Paul (DE) - 2015 - 96x125x9 cm

Frank Paul (DE) - An diesem Ort der keiner ist - 30 x 92 x 13 cm

Frank Paul (DE) - Bring me the sun from above -

Frank Paul (DE), Nacht,- 2012 - 137x22x28 cm

Frank Paul (DE), Sich vergessend - 2015 - H:169cm

Frank Paul (DE), Tägliches Einerlei - 2015 - 15x64x11 cm

Frank Paul (DE), Vergessen das gestern, das heute noch fern - 2015 - H:80

Frank Paul (1962), works with bizarre forms and faces painted in very strong colors, sometimes with a dark and dramatic expression. He uses humor and irony to explore everything between everyday life and the more complex questions in life. Paul works with both sculptures and sculptures hanging on the wall as paintings. The materials used in his work are wood, canvas, plaster and different foreign elements, which are converted into imaginative creatures and figures. A great inspiration for Paul’s art is everyday life and unthinkable situations along with dreamy scenarios and the confusion between humans and animals. Together with the carefully chosen titles the sculptures create a sense of irony and a quiet rejection to consumerism in the society. The color red is of great importance in Paul’s artworks as red for him stands for love, joy, blood, passion, danger and for a political mindset.