Astrid Scherrebeck (DK)

Astrid Scherrebeck (DK)

“To let art be free. You are capable to use what you have learned, but it only becomes interesting once you add something yourself”. Scherrebeck combines painting with printmaking. In some of her artworks, she’s glued on a piece of canvas on a print and then painted on top of it. “Suddenly, my art had no limits to it: paper and canvas, print and painting in one simple image.” Signs and writing has become a re-appearing theme in Scherrebecks art. In her graphical artwork, she has included both Chinese signs and pre-historic Scandinavian writing. Another important theme in her art is the structures in nature. “I find inspiration for my art in nature and when travelling. Alien cultures impinges greatly on me.”

Astrid Scherrebeck (DK) ASSC1 (316x480)

Astrid Scherrebeck (DK) ASSC5 (801x1000)

Astrid Scherrebeck (DK) ASSC2 (678x1000)

Astrid Scherrebeck (DK) ASSC6 (802x1000)

Astrid Scherrebeck (DK) ASSC3 (248x371)

Astrid Scherrebeck (DK) ASSC7 (833x1000)

Astrid Scherrebeck (DK) ASSC4 (805x1000)