Søren Bjælde (DK)

Søren Bjælde (DK)

Søren Bjælde (1952), gets inspired by experiences in everyday life and his own memories, but also wishes to tell the viewer different stories through his art. He mainly works with woodcut but does also engage in the areas of drawing, painting, ceramics and book illustrations. Bjælde is artistically interested in the colorful, the ornamental, the entertaining, the horrifying and the narrative. The ideas for this he gets for instance from comic strips, illustrations in medieval handwriting, church art and art from other cultures and parts of the world. For more than 25 years Søren Bjælde has been working with graphic prints, paintings, decorations as well as illustrations and has shown his artworks in more than 10 countries including Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Argentina and the USA.

Søren Bjælde (DK) SSBJ1

Søren Bjælde (DK) SSBJ4

Søren Bjælde (DK) SSBJ8

Søren Bjælde (DK) SSBJ2

Søren Bjælde (DK) SSBJ5(sold)

Søren Bjælde (DK) SSBJ9 (991x1000)

Søren Bjælde (DK) SSBJ3

Søren Bjælde (DK) SSBJ6

Søren Bjælde (DK) SSBJ12 (743x1000)

Søren Bjælde (DK) SSBJ7(sold)

Søren Bjælde (DK) SSBJ13 (1000x714)