NEW Giuditta R. (IT)


Giuditta R. creates monochromatic graphite drawings which explore a spectrum of human experiences with great psychological depth.

Giuditta R. is best known for her drawings which depicts extremely expressive portraits capturing human realities. Her artworks are characterized by a gloomy and nightmarish atmosphere. The choice of creating predominantly black and white drawings make them appear like historical pictures.

This tints her works with a melancholic and decadent look appealing to the viewer. Her art on the other hand is strongly characterized by an unsettling appearance, as if hunted by a negative presence lurking from the paper. Such presence is hard to identify as it emerges from a combination of different elements.

Giuditta R.

Among them the artists counterpose extremely expressive bodies and faces, with subjects whose features are blurred or hidden by dark shadows. Her technique also enhances this gloomy atmosphere as  Giuditta R. creates a dense graphite background leaving almost no blank paper visible. From this greyish layer her subjects emerge in great details but also slightly fade into it.

Her approach in creating artworks with multiple aspects matches the layered contents she explores with them. In fact, her subjects investigate complex human emotions, dreams and nightmares that surface for the attentive viewer. The absence of a clear point of light in Giuditta R.’s works is substituted by the use of coloured glitters to underline a specific detail from each artwork. The use of such material contrast with the monochromatic work and contextualize the retro-fashioned drawings in contemporary times. Coming from a family of artists and developing an early interest towards drawing; Giuditta R. refined her characteristic black and white portrait style while producing her series ‘Drops of Madness’ (2008). Her artworks have been also implemented in fashion patterns and she has been recently looking into connecting her bidimensional works with multimedia content.

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