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Implemented Art Projects (public and private) Heike Arndt

Our references include many private companies as well as public institutions. Further down you will find some examples of collaborations we have done.

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Art Consulting:
To us, integrated art means to include art from the very beginning – when new domiciles are still on the drawing board as well as decorating already existing environments. Here art  contributes to a pleasant experiment for visitors as well as employees and indicates at the same time a conscious visible profile.

We have been established in Denmark since 1985 and in Berlin since 2008.

Our gallery has years of experience in collaborating with architects, artists, entrepeneurs, private and public institutions in order to achieve the best possible artistic solution.

Trust and professionalism in our collaboration are our trademarks and delivering in time in the highest possible quality is what we are standing for.


Our references are private and public corporations. You can find some of  our international and national project partner below:
MAN, B&W, DOW, HUBER, GENMAB, MAXYGEN, Danish Embassy Rom and Beijing, Finlands Institut Berlin, Finnish culture department of Oulu and Rovaniemi, Galerie Wedding Berlin.

In Denmark: Tipstjenesten, Ballerup Kommune, Nykøbing F. Teater, Nebbelunde Church, Nykøbing F., Dansk Boligselskab, Danske Bank, Tegnestuen Erik Tind, Danske sukkerfabrikker.