Ina Sangenstedt (DE)

Ina Sangenstedt (DE)

Sculptor and visual artist Ina Sangenstedt lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Braunschweig (2003) and the University of the Arts Berlin (2008).

When stepping into the world of Ina Sangenstedt we enter a landscape inhabited by mythical beings, creatures and animals. Through sculptures and minimalistic drawings, Sangenstedt explores human existential fears, erotic fantasies and unconscious desires. She is interested in how these timeless human expressions are represented in and through mythological creatures and animals. She incorporates animal relics and mythological figures in her works and in her sculptures she uses real animals, fur, ceramic – even human body parts, creating a distinctive narrative. She challenges our notions of masculinity and femininity and how we handle the different roles and forces within us.

Ina Sangenstedt (DE)

Sangenstedt has a very clear view of her artistry and an in-depth knowledge and interest in the concepts that she explores. Her works are often poetic with a touch of irony, wit and surrealistic symbolism, creating her unique artistic expression.

Although different, humans seek and tend to recognize themselves in animals. We identify ourselves with them; we suffer with them and form friendships with them. Sangenstedt poses the question if we can ever really understand animals, or if we are constantly projecting ourselves onto them. We sometimes see wild animals in our city landscapes and it is almost as though, while we share living space, we live in two parallel worlds.

In the artistic process Ina works directly with the material. She visualizes three-dimensional shapes and starts designing without necessarily relying on sketch work. Through mastering a variety of artistic expressions, she constantly develops her artistry adding new materials and new techniques.

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