NEW Jean-Baptiste Monnin (FR/DE)


Monnin creates minimalist black and white drawings of folded papers inspired by origami. His artworks are characterized by the exploration of repetitions, rhythms and patterns.

Jean-Baptiste Monnin’s artworks take inspiration not only in fine art but also in architecture. They are characterized by his fascination of repetitions, rhythms and patterns. In the past this has been developed by creating complex artworks that explore architectural and urban spaces.

In his more recent artworks, his focus has shifted to the inner structure of materials and to their process of creation.  By reframing such spaces, Monnin challenges the viewers’ perception. Faced with his aesthetically pleasing black-and white artworks, the audience may be deceived into believing that they are observing a photograph of architectural spaces or some folded papers.

However, the majority of his artworks are produced by using graphite on paper, a technique which Monnin masters creating almost hyperrealistic works. His drawings are mesmerizing thanks to their geometric rigour, but are able to stimulate the viewers’ imagination at the same time. In the series Folds the artworks depict elaborate folded papers inspired by origami.

                                 Jean-Baptiste Monnin 

Their incredible rigour makes them appear as if the contrasting area of light and shades are created by actual folds in the paper, rather than by Monnin’s skills with graphite. He depicts processed papers reproducing the folds formed to create geometrically accurate origami. This places the attention on the process of creation and hints at the same time at the finished three-dimensional paper sculptures. Therefore, Monnin’s geometrical rigour is counterbalanced by the imaginative effort stimulated in the audience to picture how the three-dimensional origami would have looked like. 

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