Hyejeong Kwon (KR)

Text written by GHA

Kwon’s etchings represent animals in somewhat almost abstract settings. The catchy colours used, coupled with the thick lines will captivate the viewer’s attention.

The title of these etchings, “Monologue”, reflect their expression of Kwon’s own internal monologue. She uses her art to express her “inner emotions”  in order to self-control or adjust them.

Through these, she immerses the observer into this internal dialogue. Her etchings are a tool for disentangling her own “inner thoughts” or “inner monologues” (Kwon, 2019), reflecting both personal enquiries and answers to these.

Hyejeong Kwon

These are asked and answered within the same individual, as a conversation. In Kwon’s works, this results in different images of layered, and coloured, objects and animals. These elements are made of simple outlines, giving an almost childish aspect to the pieces whilst still exploring her own deep personal thoughts.

In Kwon’s prints, intense coloured backgrounds leave space for the characters of flora and fauna. These elements of nature are represented by hues of blue, green and black indoor plants. Black contoured twigs, leaves and wildflowers decorate the main scene. Animals appear to enter our houses and create a sense of brotherhood among all creatures.

The spectator is immersed into this inner monologue by simply observing these works. Kwon’s work process can even be perceived as an exploration of her subconscious. She states that the making of these pieces “is an opportunity for me to face my own ego and my inner self. In the end, it is a way to find my hidden self” (2019).

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       MONOLOGUE 6                                                 MONOLOGUE 2