Yuqiu Mao (CN)

Text written by GHA

The artistic oeuvre of the Chinese artist Yuqiu Mao contains primarily conceptual sculptures made of resin.

A humorous, sometimes even ridiculous, approach towards (everyday) objects represents the bulk of her artworks. She brings an interactive quality to her works that appeals to the playful spirit of the viewer.

The French-based artist not only draws inspiration from everyday encounters, but is also fascinated by human body parts, which she humorously combines or for which she invents new absurd products. 

Yuqiu Mao

This practice could be interpreted as a way of mocking consumer culture – the constant production of new products that, as companies and advertisements promise us, will “make our lives easier” if we purchase them.
Some works have a socio-political approach, pointing as parody to the inner structures of our system. The entertaining undertone is also reflected in the titles of their works. Although these works are relatively small, they cannot be ignored or overlooked.


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