NEW Oscar Rey (ES)


Oscar Rey creates paintings, sculptures, street art and photographs. Through the simplification of reality in shapes and coloured blocks, he produces vibrant and expressive artworks that explore the universal themes of love, death and capitalism.

His art is rooted in figurative representation, but Rey seeks above all synthesis and clarity. These concepts are achieved by the artists through the simplification of reality in shapes and coloured blocks. This technical approach intensifies Rey’s messages as he condenses reality to the essential shedding the superfluous.

Such artistic philosophy was influenced by Zen thinking and by Rey’s fascination with Expressionism. This label refers to 20th century art that distorted reality through the particular use of intense and non-naturalistic colours to express the artist’s inner feelings.

In Rey’s style there are also evident influences of cubism in his flattened and composite treatment of reality and the absence of traditional perspective. This bidimensional effect is heightened as the artist creates homogeneous coloured shapes and patterned surfaces that lack any impression of depth. 

Oscar Rey

Although his style is technically researched; a playful approach shines through his creative process. In fact, Rey considers of primary importance holding onto a childlike pleasure of creation disconnected to the intellectualization of art. This worriless and playful joy to experiment with art is communicated in his artworks that appear fun and lively through the vibrancy of colours and the simplification of forms. Despite his cheerful style, Rey uses his art as a powerful conveyor of messages about injustice and to promote social critique. A recurrent theme in Rey’s art are new technologies and their alienating and negative impact on human interaction. This may appear as a contemporary take on Expressionist philosophy, which was rooted in Europeans’ fascination with non-western art moved by the desire to escape from Western urbanism and social restrictions. While Rey continues to evolve, experimenting new approaches and techniques; he affirmed that the constants in his art remain his love for expressionism, synthesis and the use of mixed media. Rey is also part of the Knot the Artist Collective, artistic international group formed from Fresh Legs 2018 hosted in our gallery in Berlin.

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