Artist Residencies


In continuation of our longstanding work with international art projects, we are in the process of establishing an art residency on Lolland to create the best possible facilities for creative project makers and professional artists.

The project with our artist residency also gives an opportunity to establish a closer relationship between the creative project makers, the art world and the locals. The residency is of a manageable size and provides high flexibility and affordable running costs, which can also withstand times of crisis.

The vision is to establish a residence for 2-4 project makers or professional artists, including painters, musicians, architects and other professional people within the creative field at a time. The site contains various studies that give residents the opportunity to work innovatively in their creative sector (including graphics, sculpture, painting and music and video/film).
In addition, our aim is to be able to arrange workshops for both residents and the local population in order to get the joy of diversity and community.

We are currently in the process of establishing work studios for painters, sculptors and graphic artists. The facility holds different graphics presses for lithography that can be used for printing on stone as well as for aquatint, drypoint or woodcut. We have also established a ceramics studio.

In connection with our creative lab, we hope to establish a fund with a professional advisory board in the future, which will support international and local anchored projects in the future. If you would like to hear more or engage yourself, please write to us.


IMG_0513Architects, musicians, and writers are also welcome to apply.

You will have a furnished private room to stay in, besides your workspace.
Moreover, we offer you the possibility to apply for a place at our exhibitions. The cost of your stay depends on what you wish to work with. Contact us for further information.

On request, we can provide a letter of invitation for your search for financial support for your stay. Two artists a year (chosen from the artists we already work with) will be granted the chance to stay and work for free. Each of them stays for one month.

Main sponsor for our residency Kettinge Artlab (Lolland,Denmark) is: