Summerexhibition Kettinge Artlab 2018

Opening 14.juli kl.15-17
International Summerexhibition 2018
International Graphicsummer with 33 recognized printmakers

Artistalk with Chloe Grove (GB) and Jean Baptist Monnin (FR) 14.juli  15-17 openfor everyone

Artistalk with Ivan Prieto (SP)  18.august 15-17 open for everyone

Albrecht Wild (DE) Anna M. Kempe (DE) Christina Tzani (GR) Chloe Grove (GB) Jean-Baptiste Monnin (FR) Lutz Hellmuth (DE) Raquel Algaba (ES) Katalin Kortmann (HU)


Our Summer exhibition shows artists like the English Chloe Grove, with her amazing color pencil drawings and French Jean-Baptiste Monnin (both guests in our residency Artlab Kettinge whole july present) who turn buildings intoabstract motifs.

In our exhibitions, we strive to promote even undiscovered artists – rough diamonds in drawing, street art, illustration, mixed media and similar fields. We offer a platform where artists will be able to jointly exhibit and form networks. The audience is also invited to meet the artists and discuss the works.


International Exhibition “Summergraphic”

With our new “Summer Graphic” initiative, we are proud to present a group exhibition featuring graphic works by international artists from all over the world. It has been a challenging task to choose from over 400 applicants – with over 2000 works.
Together, the artists present a wide range of different graphic techniques and styles that cover traditional techniques such as woodcut, etching and mezzotinte, but also the exploration of modern methods known as digital prints. With global influence, the exhibition guarantees an exciting experience that shows stories from both an individual and a common frame of reference.

Exhibiting artists are:

Ariel Kofman (ARG), Brandon Williams (US),  Carolin Weinert (DE), Casper Johansson (SE) , Christian Bolte (DE), David Frazer (AUS),  Ricardo Pinto (MEX), Janne Laine (FI), Jen Hamilton (CAN), Katsuko Ono (JP),  Maud Laurent (DE), Paula Gallardo (SP),  Ryan Falzon (MLT), Yordanis García Delgado (CU), Masaaki Sugita (JP),Richard Hricko (US), Baukje de Loos (NL), Pablo Querea (MEX),Artur Popek (PL), Ariadne Pediotaki (GR), Philipp Haucke (DE), Dennis McGinnis (US), Peter Boyadjieff (CAN), Georg Bothe (DK), Pete Rangel (US), Randi K Emblem (NO),  Regina Stiegeler (DE), Margot Myers & Lisa Turner (US), Ximena Bórquez (CHL), Jaco Putker (NL), Søren Bjælde (DK), Mehdi Darvishi (IR)

Both exhibitions convince with their versatility and technical skills Exhibitions you definitely do not want to miss!

Our Summer Activities

Artistalk with Chloe Grove (GB) and Jean Baptist Monnin (FR) 14.juli 15-17 open for everyone

Chloe Grove (GB)
London-born artist Chloe Grove is known for her large format drawings made with coloured pencils. The method she uses is based on thousands of strokes, building up layers until the paper reaches a burnished sheen, a method and approach that can go on for several months. Inspired by physics, space exploration and digital aesthetics, her art recreates the essence of the energy from light and reimagines it in a distorted reality. She captures a fugitive moment and recreates the feeling of it. The spectral colours Grove uses resemble the sun cutting through the rain or reflecting in a mirror, bathing everything in rainbow light, creating a vibrant and lively image.

Jean-Baptiste Monnin (FR)
Monnin is a French artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. With a background in architecture and fine arts french artist Jean-Baptiste Monnin describes the architectural and urban space and our perception of it as focal points of his work. He is mostly inspired by the rhythm and the repetition of patterns in architectural constructions. The basis of his works are photographs of contemporary buildings, which he takes himself on trips through the city. The viewers can clearly  sense his architectural interest in his works. The urban space and its interpretation is central to his work. In Monnin’s new artworks, he has shifted his focus from outer environmental structures to the inner structure of materials, influenced by time, light and space. The observer’s point of view and his past experience is given a crucial role in forming engagement with his work.

Chloe Grove (GB)


Chloe Grove (GB)

Both artists live and work in july in Kettinge and you will only meet them at our Artistalk on the 14th of July at 15-17 where they will briefly talk about their work and otherwise show work samples and take part in a nice afternoon together with our visitor.
(made possible by Integra lawyers, Guldborgsund Municipality and Artlab Kettinge)
(the artists like football therefore there will be the opportunity to enjoy the world championship at the same time!)



Artistalk with Ivan Prieto (SP)  18.august 15-17 open for everyone

Ivan Prieto (ES)
Iván Prieto (ES) was born in Ourense, Spain, but now works and lives in Berlin. His work focuses on ceramic sculptures, but Prieto also creates illustrations and installations. In his colourful surrealistic sculptures, Prieto captures certain fragility of humans and life in general, including indications to physical disabilities (such as deafness and blindness), as well as mental imperfections, with each character being inspired by real-life human counterparts. Having also had similar personal experiences, Prieto wants to explore the transgressing of physical and mental borders in his art, which are in some way relatable for everyone. In this way, the works also are a self-portrait of the artist.


Iván PrietoIvan Prieto lives and works in august in Kettinge and you will only meet him at our Artistalk on 18th August at 15-17 where he will talk brief about his work, show work samples and join in for a nice afternoon with the visitors.
(made possible by Integra lawyers, Guldborgsund Municipality and Artlab Kettinge)
Ivan Prieto (SP)

Residency Art Lab Kettinge
Our new initiatives at Art Lab Kettinge are an independent separate project with a natural link to and facilitation of their projects through Gallery Heike Arndt DK. Art Lab Kettinge stands for non-commercial activities and non-profit projects, such as exhibitions, workshops and international residencies with changing partners. The focus area is exclusively non-profit activities, with an international summer residence for artists with the opportunity to develop workshops, exhibitions and other network-based activities.
Art Lab Kettinge contributes to ensuring a continuous cultural exchange and strengthening cooperation between Danish and international artists in our region, all  affiliated with the Nordic countries or Germany.