Amin Hassan Zadeh Sharif (IR)

Amin Hassan Zadeh Sharif (IR)
Text/Translation GHA

Amin Sharif is an Iranian author and illustrator of children’s books. Sharif’s works, marked by an obvious presence of humour and strong storytelling, are presented to us through a careful use of clean lines, flat, muted colours and patterns.  Sharif twists perspective in the image by controlling the composition with a few geometric lines.

The figures he brings to life are directly inspired by his cultural heritage. These hybrid and mythical creatures come from Iranian symbolism, reflecting the attitude towards the dialogue of good and evil. This clear division between wicked and good can also be found in the spatial composition of his works and makes this clash even more vivid and impressive for the viewer.

The subjects are the centre of the artwork, while the empty spaces around them allow the viewer to focus entirely on the figure. The golden colour and the shades of grey Sharif uses are a constant, closely related to his cultural background. 

Amin Sharif

Natural elements, such as the sun and the clouds, give to his subjects a feeling of airiness and a certain space where his creatures can live peacefully. 

Sharif’s art is deeply introspective but at the same time offers the viewer to reflect on its narrative and common ground.

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