Ilona Kivijärvi (FI)

Ilona Kivijärvi (FI)

“I am the mirror of my inner pictures. To me one of humans’ greatest qualities is our ability to imagine and reach our own pictures and communicate through our senses. For me, as a visual artist, the palpable is import. I work with shapes, colors and organic materials. I have always found my inner pictures through work and making. After over ten years as a puppet artist I moved straight to a new period in my life. The performances came along in the turn of the millennium when I started to perform regularly. I feel that especially in performances I can combine different things through my own consciousness and body. Emotions, visualizing and drama that I use to load my productions from inside also carry them externally. I think that failure is as important as success. One doesn’t exist without the other one. I like contrasts. Changing the perspective opens new stages. I believe that immateriality, its spirit and blood, consists of this art.“

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