Online booking

[booking nummonths=12]

Use of our booking calendar:

There are max 4 persons at the time staying at the resedency. Only when we hosting workshops there will be up to 8 people staying.

In our calendar you can choose from following:

  1. Studio 1 + double bedroom
    (Studio 1 is the studio normally used for sculptures or projects needing a high sealing, more space or good sound)
  2. Studio 2 + double bedroom
    (studio 2 is primary a graphic studio)
  3. Studio 3
    (studio 3 is a  multistudio and can be used for ceramic, painting or other medias)
  4. Guestroom 4-bed dormitory
    (the guestroom is primary reserved for guests of the artists or used for workshop guests but can also be booked by other visitors when available)

Fill out the form ONLY in english!

Project description:
Please include a short version of the purpose of your stay! (project description, project references including optional time periods possible) 

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