Winter Exhibition 2016/17

Exhibition Berlin

Artists are: Kurihara (JP), Maria Persson (SE),Grycja(UK),Katharina Kleinfeld (DE), Dorit Trebeljahr (DE), Giuditta R. (IT), Heike Ruschmeyer (DE), Hans Ticha (DE),Mogens Jessing (DK), Niall Dooley (IR), Dylan Bakker (NZ),Erik Weiser (De), Yumi Yamakawa (JP),Søren Bjælde (DK),Stig O. T. Fredriksson (SE),Lillian Presthus(NO),Frank Paul (DE)

The gallery presents a very personal selection of works that have aroused my personal attention and touched me or provoked me. Here you will find interesting works in all genres and prices.

This exhibition, with drawings, mixing techniques and sculptures in a wide range of materials, deals with current themes, space, rhythm, relation as well as childish nostalgia.

Together, the selected works create a dynamic, seductive but also disturbing exhibition, exploring the tensions between our unconscious fascinations and the surrounding reality.