Musik meet up

Musician meet up at Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin

When: The first Wednesday of the month, except for January/february and August
Place: At Scandinavian Meeting Point Berlin
Time:  Between 8 pm – 9 pm
Who: international musicians
What: all kinds of (gema free)music

Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin have recently introduced an musician meet up on our meeting points. Through this initiative we are creating a platform for musicians to meet. As we are a Danish-German gallery, our international profile attracts many nationalities, therefore our focus is to provide travelling/foreign musicians with a possibility to create a network in Berlin.

Our meeting points are very well-visited, and musicians have the possibility to try out new material in front of a perceptive art and music interested audience (privat events). All kinds of musical acts are welcome,(as long as it is gema free); as this is a place for art, we have room for the innovative as well as the traditional.
Our meet up is usual from 8 pm – 9 pm. That normally leaves room for 1-3 musical acts/fragments with a duration of 5-15 minutes. If you wish to play you can book a spot in the calendar [LINK] or contact us by email.

As the gallery has a non-profit profile, it enables us to only make decisions on an artistic and not a commercial basis. This also means that we unfortunately cannot offer any compensation or there for all music needs to be free of charge including Gema rightholders.

… And of course we will provide you with some drink tickets you can use in our bar.

We have a PA-system and a microphone at the gallery, so bring your guitar, ukulele, didgeridoo, or whatever your musical instrument of preference might be, and share your music !