Benefits for your employees
Galleri Heike Arndt DK invites your employees to participate in our monthly event Scandinavian Meeting Point giving Nordic and German the chance to mingle and network in a very informal environment. This arrangement functions as a social platform with art as point of reference, but not necessarily central theme of conversation. It takes place every first Wednesday every month and you can always sign up on Facebook here.

Benefits for your customers and partners
Being our partner we can also assist in finding artwork for your employees or customers for anniversaries or special occasions (e.g. inexpensive graphic print by recognized artists or art books). We can also suggest decoration by Nordic/Norwegian artists for your work place or office. The artwork can be purchased or rented at favorable prices.

Special events for your company
Special events for your company or customer meetings can be arranged in the gallery. Customized sightseeing tours (1-2 hours) followed by a good meal can also be set. The gallery is located in one of the hot spots in the eastern part of Berlin – Friedrichshain, where the alternative and authentic Berlin is blooming. Our space has a book lounge, which creates an intimate atmosphere at the gallery and can create a different and interesting framework for your event.

Further, your company can gain a surplus with special marketing and PR for a new group of future customers. As a partner, we offer you a variety of different ways to be featured:
• Exclusivity in our PR material
• On our networking platform which includes our website (brand new website with special sponsor section on its way)
• Social media (Twitter and Facebook)
• In our newsletters
• At our monthly events such as Scandinavian Meeting Point
• At Mini Print competition, the award will create a direct link between this contest and the sponsor

Your company will also be profiled in an international context as we target Nordic and German artists, all with large and interesting networks, which might be an advantage for you as well. The support will also be considered as an altruistic gesture engendering goodwill and branding among artists, art-interested, students, graphic associations and other art communities, both in Germany and in the Nordic countries.

Benefits for Galleri Heike Arndt
Our cooperation will support and strengthen our work with the Nordic artists coming to Berlin in creating a platform where they can develop an international network. Your support will help secure the economy of our non-profit and independent business model in the future, so we can attract the best of Nordic artists in Berlin despite the financial crisis.
We consider our joint Nordic approach to be important in order to improve the visibility of Nordic art and culture in general. It creates a positive attention and curiosity for Nordic art and culture. This will promote both the Nordic countries as a whole and thereby increase the interest in our Nordic region. We therefore wish to get all Nordic countries involved.