German exhibition

9.2.2011 – 23.3.2011
Frank Paul (DE) & Romen Banerjee (DE)

Romen Banerjee and Frank Paul, two recognized artists from Berlin’s art scene, create provoking and alluring art work that makes the viewer smile. The art work ranges from sculptures, oil paintings and drawings to sculptural pictures.

Frank Paul
The recognized German artist Frank Paul works with a mixture of painting and sculptures which gives his pictures a unique expression. The figures catch your eye and seem to be alluring. Everyday situations and the dream like, absurd blends of people and animals give the viewer a sense of irony. Frank Paul’s fantastic art works has several times been exhibited in Denmark and has been received with excitement.

Romen Banerjee
The German-Indian multi artist Romen Banerjee uses colors and figures in his art work that invites the viewer to go exploring. The sources for inspiration are the colorful India as well as the German techno culture and the pictures spontaneous and intense expression challenges the imagination.