current exhibtition Kettinge


7.Juli- 30.September 2023/2024
Fantastic Art on Lolland Falster


What is good art? Good art has an authentic voice, an identity and the ability to reach out and touch the viewer.

Where can you find good and interesting art on Lolland and Falster – certainly with us.

Alice Morishita (JP/DE) Casey McKee (US/DE) Claude Jones (DE/NZ) Clemens Gritl (DE) David Moyer (US) Livson (Diego Palacios) (FR/DE) Helene Lindqvist (DE/SE) Ismini Teligioridou (GR) Joan Priego (ES) Lisa Büscher (DE) Luke Crouch (JP/AU) Marina Skepner (DE)Natasha Lelenco (ES) Natasha Voronchikhina (GE/RU) Per Teljer (DE/SE) Roberto Aarnio (SF/DE) Sabine Dietrichkeit (DE) Silke Michen (DE) Silkinaite Agne Marija (LT) Sue Ransley (UK) Tomas Scherer (FR/SK) Xecon Uddin (FR/BD) Christina Tzani (GR) Ivan Prieto (ES) Kurihara (JP) Niall Dooley (IR) Alejandro Pasqual (ES) Rita Qattrocchi(IT) Gudrun Fischer Bomert (DE) Michael Kain(DE)

About the summerexhibition

Summer is in the air  and the doors are open at our gallery in Kettinge for our great summer-adventure with our weekly changes on the walls! Our exhibition is 
ready- with many new impressiv artworks.  By playfully combining different media and styles, a vibrant and unique display of more than 500 artworks from our gallery in Berlin are gathered at our venue in Lolland.
Among original pieces, as sculptures, paintings, drawings and graphic prints from almost all over the world, the collection emphasises on diversity and contrasts by spreading vibes from grotesque to cheerful ones.

We will continuously focus on the individual artists in the exhibition:
Focused guest artist: Frank Paul (DE)

Frank Paul creates imaginative freestanding sculptures from wood, oilpaint, plaster and other unconventional materials. By applying mostly shades of red and making use of manifold symbolic
references, the bizarre and alluring figures bring forth an ironically charged drama. The confusion of adulthood seems to play a key role. 

>>>>>Read more about the artist Frank Paul her

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is held with artists from all over the world.
Versatile expressions combined with the exquisite technique are presented here
With over 1000 works and 500 in our inventory, there is definitely something for everyone to explore – both in Berlin Friedrichshain and in Kettinge on Lolland Falster.
Most of the works you will also find in our webshop archive which we update continuously. 
The graphics exhibition will change continuously and new exciting works will be hung up.