Activities in Berlin

Activities in Berlin

Besides our exhibitions, we arrange several events all year round. These include our Scandinavian meetingpoint as well as guided neighbourhood tours.


Scandinavian Meeting Point Berlin – The Nordic Platform


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”It does not matter if you have been in Berlin for ages or just arrived yesterday, you are always welcome at the meeting Points, which is what I love about it. And it is so unpredictable – you never know who is going to be there and you always end up meeting new people.”
Sofia, student, Sweden

Berlin offers a wide range of events, activities, bars and clubs with an international atmosphere. To find yourself surrounded by fellow countrymen from the Nordic countries and other international visitors is just what an expat needs from time to time.
In this informal environment, you can make new friends and talk about all that Berlin has to offer, cultural differences, or simply discuss the art pieces on the walls. It is the perfect opportunity to experience Nordic and International art, discuss job opportunities or just to speak your native language. Affordable beverages and snacks are always provided.

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Neighbourhood walk

”Friedrichshain is a very historical neighbourhood and it was interesting to combine that with information about art in Berlin and how it is moving, so to speak. It is definitely not the last time we are doing one of those tours.”

We arrange guided walks around the former East Berlin district of Friedrichshain. Here, the old eastern environment meets classical architecture and modern features, creating a colourful neighbourhood that still manages to keep certain spots untouched by western influence.


The tour:
The guided tours are intended for everyone and will be customized based on the interests of the unique individuals. Both small and larger groups are welcome to sign up.
Normally, we include lunch or dinner at one of the local restaurants. The total price for a guided tour and lunch/dinner does not generally exceed € 35 per person.


For private visitors:
As for private visitors, we offer a guided tour of the gallery, talks about/with the artists as well as general information about the architecture in the area and the identity and history of Friedrichshain.

For art enthusiasts:
For those really interested in art, we provide a customized guided tour. The package includes a tour of the gallery, lectures about/with the artist, a tour about the architecture in Friedrichshain and its identity and history as well as visits to different artists. Please note that the meetings with the artists are only made possible by appointment.

For school classes: 
For school classes, we provide tours around Friedrichshain where we talk about the architecture, the identity and history of the districts as well as meetings with other young people from the area.

For companies:
Bring your employees on a guided tour of the gallery, discussions with or about the artists plus a tour of the area, its architecture, identity and history. These tours are suitable for groups of 10-40 people. The price for a guided tour is € 15 per person and is maximum three hours long.