Scandinavian Meeting Point

Scandinavian Meeting Point Berlin

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”It does not matter if you have been in Berlin for ages or just arrived yesterday. You are always welcome at the meeting Points, which is what I love about it. And it is so unpredictable – you never know who is going to be there and you always end up meeting new people.” Sofia, student, Sweden

Although Berlin offers a wide range of events, activities, bars and clubs with an international atmosphere, to find yourself surrounded by fellow countrymen from the Nordic countries (and other interested visitors) is just what an expat needs from time to time. In this informal environment, you can make new friends and talk about all that Berlin has to offer, cultural differences, or simply discuss the gallery’s current exhibition.

It is the perfect opportunity to experience Nordic and German art, discuss job opportunities or just to speak your native language.

Affordable beverages and snacks are always provided.
Our international monthly meeting point is a cultural and social platform where you can meet, exchange experiences and maybe get to know others with similar interests. The participants are mainly from the North but other nationalities are also represented.

Sometimes we have an exhibition opening, but often it is just a cozy forum for conversation. The Scandinavian Meeting Point is a non-commercial, informal and non-registration forum where the participants themselves shape the evening.

If you are interested in Scandinavian art, culture and other people and cultures, come and visit us. We look forward to your visit.

”Scandinavian Meeting Point was one of the first events I went to when I came to Berlin and I am happy I did. It gave me an opportunity to find friends in a new city and has also helped me find a foothold artistically.”
Anne Louise, artist, Norway

“The Scandinavian Meeting Point is the monthly event I do not want to miss. It is such a cosy and warm environment with no obligations at all.
Patricia, student, Denmark

“It is a great way to combine art with meeting new people and getting new contacts. The people from the gallery are doing a great job finding out what people’s interests are and then connecting the visitors with the same interests. It is really a platform that goes beyond the gallery’s physical boundaries.”
Henry Stöcker, artist, Germany