Heike Arndt

Heike Arndt

written by Alanna Dongowski

Heike Arndt’s work circles around human emotion. She creates images in which the viewers can recognise themselves or given situations from their everyday lives. 

Language plays an important role in her art and life. Although she speaks four languages fluently, she has a great interest in non-verbal and visual communication. She explores empathy without words.

“Human understanding is embedded in historical, cultural and social contexts and is, therefore, a basic element in our ability to treat each other with respect.  We interpret experiences and situations differently due to our history and culture, so therefore the verification of the expressed language – verbal and non-verbal – is necessary to our mutual understanding. It is necessary to strengthen our awareness of the ambiguity in human communication to prevent misunderstandings and create a more empathetic behaviour.”

Heike Arndt has worked in several places throughout the years, among them: Italy, Greenland, Ethiopia, China, as well as North and South America. Each of them ignited a new phase of creative work. Her choices of media are as fluid and diverse as her background. At the moment, she is dividing her time between her own practice and her work as a gallerist. Having settled in the countryside of Denmark and a dependance in Berlin, she builds a bridge between Berlin’s artscene and the northern cultural sphere.

This page gives a brief overview of the techniques Heike Arndt has delved into.