written by Alanna Dongowski

These Plates were made in Italy (Albisola/Savona) at Mazzotti’s and Lorenzini’s. The pottery as well as glazing are done by Heike Arndt. 

Heike learnt pottery after she left secondary school and had to pursue an education. While she enjoyed shaping the clay, she quickly realized that the uniformity of the factory environment didn’t quite suit her. She left for Denmark and opened her own workshop that she uses to this day. After traveling to Albisola, Italy and living there with Ansgar Elde, she started visiting Mazzotti. The new environment allowed her to free herself from binary definitions of function/art and move on to more experimental ceramic designs. 

The plates are a crossover of her painting practice and her craftsmanship as a ceramist. She embraces the idea of applying her artistic skill to a functional object – and bringing practical purpose to an artwork.

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