Exhibition pictures

Exhibition pictures Heike Arndt

Heike Arndt has been featured in exhibitions for decades but  the exhibion “where is home?” Is one of her most important exhibitionprojects.

About the solo exhibition “Where is home?”
The exhibition was created through a three-year-long dialogue with Contemporary Art Museum Lissone/Milano and the municipality of Lissone. Since the opening of the museum in 2002, the Danish artist Heike Arndt is the third foreign artist – following Corbusier and Tapie – to present a solo exhibition on all three floors. The 131 art pieces in the exhibition were produced over a period of 10 years in many different countries e.g. Denmark, Italy, Ethiopia, Greenland and the US. The most recent works were produced in Beijing, China, during a four-year-long work residency.

The artworks featuring in the exhibition: Sculptures, paintings, graphics, drawings and ceramics.

The idea behind this exhibition is based on Heike Arndt’s travelling experiences through the past 20 years, which include long-lasting stays, innumerable interviews and conversations worldwide. Heike Arndt has recognized that in order to maintain a peaceful cohabitation on Earth, it is crucial to meet each other with understanding and respect. The question of human understanding and identity has been the main theme for Arndt’s work through many years, and she has repeatedly been confirmed in the fact, that what we consider our ‘home’ has a great impact on our life – both physically and mentally. The world has been globalised and people cross borders more frequently than ever, for many different reasons. At first, global trade and economy set the agenda, until war, tourism and catastrophes forced people to migrate. But what about us people? How do we define ourselves and our ‘home’?

Here you can find the museum’s catalogue:
Solo exhibition, Heike Arndt  “Where is home?” , Lissone Museum for Modern Art, Lissone/ Milano, Italy:

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