HEIKE ARNDT Lithography

Text by Alanna Dongowski

Heike Arndt’s painterly language easily translates into litography. The typical bold colours, the rounded shapes and the themes of relationships and human life reappear in these works. However, the lithographs bring out some different qualities in Heike Arndt’s imagery. The layering and the various structures she incorporates really stand out in her prints. Smooth surfaces border scribbled out areas, overlapping fields of colour are held together by expressive lines.

Despite the outward similarity to painting, the process behind these prints is vastly different. They are not as free and easy as they may seem. While a painter can add or cover up elements spontanously, working on stone requires a great amount of planning – and consequently sticking to that plan. Every colour is printed seperately, meaning that every colour involved adds a step to the printmaking process. The artist needs to stay aware of the elements’ intersections and placements throughout the whole procedure. Heike Arndt uses as many as 8 or 9 colours at a time, which makes it even more remarkable how effortlessly everything seems to come together in the end.

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