HEIKE ARNDT  Paintings

written by Alanna Dongowski

Sometimes dark in terms of matter, Heike Arndts painting’s raw vibrancy contains an underlying lust for life and sense of determination. Almost always formulating indoor or outdoor scenes from people’s quotidienne, Heike Arndt catches her viewers on a path they may already be walking. While her work is not autobiographical, it tells stories on a universal level, stories asking to be related to.

Painting was Heike’s entrance into art. She started painting at a young age, often spending nights awake, obsessively putting oil on canvas. Quicker mediums have never interested her, she likes the vibrancy of oil and the way it makes you stop and pause what you are doing.

Growing up in the GDR’s socialism, bright colours were often frowned upon in her surroundings. But she has embraced them, intense red and blue becoming her boldest signature tones. Her visual vocabulary consists of humans, round shapes and scratchily sketched ladders and train tracks.

After an extended stay in China Heike Arndt’s painting moved even further towards abstraction. Her recent work conveyed her new found patience and awareness of having time. While the universal topic of luggage still informs her work, she no longer feels the need to say everything at once. This leaves her imagery bold, clear and reduced.

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