Katarzyna Tomaszewska (PL)

Katarzyna Tomaszewska (PL)
Text written by GHA

“The hyper-realistic pencil drawings by Polish artist Katarzyna Tomaszewska captivate the viewer with their intricate details and thought-provoking themes. Her close-ups of faces, partially obscured by draped reflective materials, create a tension between the precision of human features and the oppressive presence of the barrier. “

The face-on positioning of the portraits demands self-reflection and engagement with the narrative. By distorting reality and authenticity, Tomaszewska’s work offers a thought-provoking critique that questions identity and psychological well-being. Her hyper-realism, reduced to black and white, challenges the viewer to re-evaluate their perception of authenticity and existence in an increasingly complex world.

Katarzyna Tomaszewska (PL)

Her exploration of the intersection between realism and artificiality raises questions about the role of technology in our lives and its impact on our sense of self. By blurring the boundaries of reality, Tomaszewska encourages the viewer to examine their own relationship with technology and its impact on their daily lives.

Ultimately, Tomaszewska’s work is a powerful commentary on the human condition that encourages the viewer to think critically about their place in society and how they deal with relationships, and to question reality and authenticity.

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