Per Teljer (SE)

Text written by GHA

​​Per Teljer works primarily with black and white, charcoal-acrylic drawings on small sheets of paper, presenting shocking and unorthodox images in a cartoon-like manner. His direct way of communicating questions the credibility and cruelty hidden under the mask of our contemporary society. 

It seems that he has no sympathy for anyone, especially those who engage in immoral and abusive behaviour. His works have a documentary-like character, which is likely due to his experience with film and videography: in this way, the artist presents the absurd situations of his protagonists to the public.

Teljer combines his personal brand of black humour with off putting and horrendous visions of humanity. His previous work sought to catch his audience off-guard as he seemed to deliberately tease them with unexpected violence.

Per Teljer

His recent series of portraits are less jarring, both in content and style, providing a lighter take on his themes of the ugliness of society, The charcoal strokes are less crude and the shading is also softer, with some delicate gradients. These compositions are by no means easy to digest pieces however, they reek of apathy and misfortune. The grim characters that occupy the space are all dealing with the weight of life by drinking, smoking, and wallowing in self-pity. Each portrait tells a different but similar story, inviting the viewer to speculate what possible backstory could lead the characters to this bar.

There is an underlying realism to the series despite the exaggerated features of the subjects, reminiscent of animations or book illustrations for children.

It doesn’t matter to him if religion, mental state or human stupidity is depicted and their evil inside unveiled. He gives a public face to the disturbing reality and leaves it to his audience to reflect, judge and react.

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Delirium tremens                                                          Be prepared

Teljer and Hjort (SE/NO) 

Swedish artist Teljer and Norwegian actor Hjort have teamed up to produce a thought-provoking and emotional video entitled “MAMMA”. Using intimate close-ups of a person’s face, the video captures deep-rooted universal emotional dynamics and the connections between one’s inner child and primal instincts. With this approach, it transcends cultural boundaries and relates to a common human experience.

Compared to Teljer’s previous works, which often depicted dark scenes in a cartoonish style, this collaborative videography represents a shift towards a more introspective and emotionally dynamic narrative. The depiction of raw emotion in this video is a harrowing experience that demands the viewer’s full attention. The static black-and-white camera angles cast a relentless spotlight on the actor’s emotional turmoil, leaving no room for visual escape. Viewers are thus forced to confront the rawness of every emotion and engange in a thought-provoking exploration of the human experience. Through the exploration of a single word, Teljer & Hjort create a universally relatable and deeply moving narrative that resonates across cultural and personal boundaries.

Teljer and Hjort’s collaboration brings a powerful and relatable story to life through the simple yet powerful word ‘MAMMA’. This emotional journey transcends cultural and personal boundaries, speaking to the universal human desires and longings that we all share.

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