Lonni Wong (DE)

Lonni Wong (DE)
Text written by GHA

Lonni Wong is a German ceramicist of Chinese origin whose ceramic sculptures captivate the viewer with their organic form and charisma. Wong draws on a long tradition of Chinese ceramics that values organic, minimalist forms and pleasant surfaces. The natural-looking textures and surface manipulation encourage the viewer to engage with them physically.

Wong explores the interweaving and coexistence of contrasting materials in nature, which is reflected in the structure of her sculptures. Her sculptures convey calm and contemplation, leading the viewer to their inner-self and evoking a sense of timelessness. Drawing on the Asian ceramic tradition, Wong combines formal elements of the past with contemporary and individualistic elements. This lends her sculptures a sense of meditative contemplation, with smooth, reflective surfaces enhancing this timeless quality.

Lonni Wong (DE)

She uses individualized glazes to achieve different surface textures, such as metallic textures. Both her glossy and matte glazes create a surface that catches the light, while her wood ash glaze provides a rustic, mineral-like surface that enhances the visual and tactile experience of the sculptures.
Wong’s sculptures captivate the audience with their subtle and elegant forms and surface manipulations.  The viewer is invited to surrender to the physical form and visual experience and to enter a personal space for contemplation and discovery.

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