Past exhibitions Kettinge

Past Exhibitions

List of previous exhibitions of Galleri Heike Arndt DK in Ketting, Denmark:

International Summer Exhibition 2019: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography

International Summer Exhibition 2018: International Graphic Summer

Opdagelser 2017: ArtLab Kettinge

Summer Exhibition 2017: ArtLab Kettinge

Opdagelser 2016: ArtLab Kettinge

International Summer Exhibition 2016: ArtLab Kettinge

Winter 2015/spring 2016: “Opdagelser 2015/2016”, International exhibition

Fall 2015: ArtLab 3, International  exhibition

Summer 2015: ArtLab 2, International  exhibition

Spring 2015: Artlab 1, International  exhibition

Winter 2014/spring 2015: “Opdagelser II”, Group exhibition

Summer 2014: Group exhibition, International  exhibition

Spring 2014: Group exhibition, International  exhibition

October 2013: “Opdagelser”, Group exhibition

June 2013: “Artchange”, Group exhibition

February 2013: Hans Ticha (DE)

June 2012: International summer exhibition

May 2011: International summer exhibition