SCOUT 2020/21

KETTINGE 2020/2021

The participating artists are:
A. Barry Rosenlund (DK), Steph Huang (TW/UK), Charo del Cura (DE), Iveta Tomanová (SK), Cecilia Klementsson (SE), Violeta Vollmer (DE),Ange Schmiert (AT), Jenna Kähönen (FI), Line Schjølberg (NO), Alexis Jang (DE), DeDe Handon (DE), Lorena Bueno Larraz (ES), Inguna Gremzde (LV), Pieter Lerooij (BE), Andrej Konopek (RS), Artur Popek (PL), Max Kling (DE), Alessandro de Leo (IT), Péter Tauber (AT), Meik Brüsch (DK), Andrea Cerquiglini (IT), Jean-Baptiste Monnin (DE), Miska Mio (FI), Adrian Williams (DE) Nina Ulrichs (DE), Izabella Retkowska (PL), Daniela Adamez (ES/CO),

Opening is on November 7th 2-5 pm. You are kindly invited.



About the exhibition

Galleri Heike Arndt DK is pleased to present the annual SCOUT exhibition, exploring new artistic directions and surprises. In the selected artworks, we invite you to discover a number of materials and techniques that are evocative of a number of emotions, reflecting their artists stories and journeys. SCOUT is an opportunity to reflect on present times and the human being itself. We offer an insight of poetic and urban complexity, but retain a playful sense of humour with both local and international meaning.

Galleri Heike Arndt DK presents:

A. Barry Rosenlund (US)              Adrian Williams (DE)                Alessandro de Leo (IT)                   Alexis Jang (DE)

Andrea Cerquiglini (IT)             Andrej Konopek (RS)                  Ange Schmiert (AT)                        Artur Popek (PL)

Cecilia Klementsson (SE)             Charo del Cura (ES)                 DeDe Handon (US)                    Inguna Gremzde (LV)

Iveta Tomanová (SK)              Jean-Baptiste Monnin (FR)               Jenna Kähönen (FI)                    Line Schjølberg (NO)

Lorena Bueno Larraz (ES)                  Max Kling (DE)                         Meik Brüsch (DK)                         Miska Mio (FI)

Péter Tauber (AT)                   Pieter Lerooij (BE)                    Steph Huang (TW/UK)                  Violeta Vollmer (DE)

Nina Ulrichs (DE)                 Izabella Retkowska (PL)              Daniela Adamez(ES/CO)

Allison Barry Rosenlund (US)
Allison Barry Rosenlund’s still lives combine a classical painting style with contemporary subjects. The artist uses the style of the Flemish Masters to depict uneasy, almost shameful current scenarios.

Adrian Williams (DE)
Williams’ immersive collages act as mind maps, cartographing the world in his head or visualizing “what dogs hear”. His pieces break the wall between imagined and physical spaces.

Alessandro de Leo (IT)
Alessandro De Leo’s heavily contrasting black and white photos feature traces of faces and bodies. The subjects appear to be in motion, defying the human eye and emphasizing the constant changing of the matter.

Alexis Jang (DE)
Jang’s paintings play on the border of lust and disgust. She cheekily displays her human fears and feelings in the shape of food, like an empowered antidote to the  advertisements of the 50s.

Andrea Cerquiglini (IT)
Cerquiglini’s notebooks embrace the combination of drawing and writing. The dense calligraphy becomes the background from which the silhouettes stand out.

Andrej Konopek (RS)
Konopek explores the human psyche creating mixed media artworks populated by bizarre creatures. His artworks combine abstract and figurative elements which create a heightened sense of drama and movement.

Ange Schmiert (AT)
Focusing on the human body using different media, Ange Schmiert’s sculptures create surreal visions by contrasting accurate anatomical representations and disturbing elements.

Artur Popek (PL)
Artur Popek’s images construct surreal landscapes in skewed dimensions. Industrial machinery and trunked animals float above an earthy-coloured imaginary world.

Cecilia Klementsson (SE)
Cecilia Klementsson appropriates poses from Fashion advertising for her layered classical oil paintings, showing fleshy vibrant human bodies in seductive poses.

DeDe Handon (US)
Handon’s abstract collages explore negative spaces and repetitive patterns. They are characterised by contrasting colours, fluid, dynamic lines and unifying pitch-black backgrounds.

Inguna Gremzde (LV)
Inguna Gremzde performs the history laden genre of landscape painting on the insides of small plastic bottle caps. Raising questions about the future of our environment, she compresses the bigger picture into tiny ounces of detail.

Nina Ulrichs (DE)
Ulrich’s images of people are both disturbing and facinating.They cannot be classified in terms of times and space.Mummy-like shadows are superposed with red-lined silhouettes.

Péter Tauber (AT)
Tauber’s crowded scenes reference comics and pop-art, but contain an exciting paradox: while the colours and forms seem oddly familiar at first glance, a closer look reveals nothing but a lack of story, action or heroes.

Daniela Adamez (ES/CO)
Through expressive exaggerations,trendy colours and a mix of small patterns in both decor and tattoo,Adamez´s portraits captivate pictures of a modern horror vacui.

Iveta Tomanová (SK)
Tomanova’s sculptures question the use of technology today.  They feature blank figures tied, glued or melted onto their phone screens, shrunken to a size no bigger than a handheld.

Jean-Baptiste Monnin (FR/DE)
Monnin creates minimalist black and white drawings of folded papers inspired by origami. His artworks are characterized by the exploration of repetitions, rhythms and patterns.

Jenna Kähönen (FI)
Kähönen’s drawings explore the boundaries between the human body and its surroundings. Through the use of contrasting colours, she depicts female figures using layered structures.

Lorena Bueno Larraz (ES)
Lorena Bueno Larraz’ delicate portraits and figures often feature almost disappearing faces. The shadows defining the subjects give them a three dimensional and an ethereal look.

Pieter Lerooij (BE)
In his ironic oil paintings, Pieter Lerooij confronts the viewer with bizarre and surrealistic scenarios whose protagonists are anthropomorphic animals.

Meik Brüsch (DK)
Brüsch pastes chunky ornaments behind generic clean flatscreens. Adding real depth and dimension, the installations keep what “3D-TV” can merely promise and will only make you dizzy from the glowing colors.

Miska Mio (FI)
Miska Mio focuses on the sensitivity of human emotions in his minimalistic portraits. The artist manages to create a delicate introspective, yet strong and expressive image by using raw outlines on worn paper.

Izabella Retkowska (PL)
Retkowska’s videos are unsettling and fascinating:the human body is distorted,processed into rapidly changing ornaments- an aesthetic of violence,an evil game.

Charo Del Cura (ES)
In her delicate drawings Del Cura explores in a playful and metaphorical manner the fragility and unpredictability of social relations.

Steph Huang (TW/UK)
Huang’s playful installations assemble elements from everyday life and bring them into a new, often ironic order. Her work roots in observation of minimal details and relations.

Line Schjølberg (NO)
Schjølbergs’ sculptures and paintings represent an unsettling world where nightmarish elements and eerie violence are disguised by a fairy-tale appearance. Her layered artworks are rich in symbolism and ask for an attentive reading of each canvas.

Violeta Vollmer (DE)
Violeta Vollmer’s accurate delicate black and white pencil drawings of minuscule creatures and plants invite the viewer to get closer and focus on the smallest details surrounding us.

Max Kling (DE)
Kling’s photos depict everyday scenes, focusing on aspects that are under everybody’s eyes yet we might rarely discover. The ordinary is reduced to its essence: structures, light, shadow and traces left by people.

About our artists
The exhibiting artists guide the audience through an artistic landscape of sculpture, painting, drawing and digital/time-based media.

Every artist has a special connection to the Nordic countries and the Berlin art scene, where they have either lived or worked. In this year’s SCOUT, the majority of artists will experience an exhibitional debut in Denmark and their presence on the island of Lolland-Falster will be a wonderful contribution to the regional and national art scene.

Exhibition objectives

Through SCOUT, we aim to develop our already existing artistic network and reach out to other potential projects in Denmark, other Nordic countries and Germany. Galleri Heike Arndt DK always wishes to inspire both artists and our audiences. In this exhibition we want to enhance the reception of the brilliant opportunities for artistic growth, which characterises the Danish ‘Sun Coasts’.

The region is characterised by beautiful landscapes and a wonderful quality of living, as well as the many initiatives in the fields of ecology and sustainable energy. This holds great appeal not only for the Danish people but also international artists and visitors alike. We hope this sense of diversity and opportunity is reflected in SCOUT, and that it offers the citizens of Guldborgsund and Region Storstrøm an extraordinary experience of inter-cultural and artistic expression. In the future we also wish to host workshops available for all during the run of the exhibition and beyond.


In our Graphicsalon we always have more den 1000 artworks avaliable.
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