Lorena Bueno Larraz (ES)


Lorena Bueno Larraz’ delicate portraits and figures often feature almost disappearing faces. The shadows defining the subjects give them a three dimensional and an ethereal look.

Lorena Bueno Larraz is a Spanish artist based in Madrid. She worked as a graphic designer in London, Madrid and Berlin. It is maybe due to her experience as a graphic designer that in her drawings, she marks the physical features of her subjects so attentively to give  them a three-dimensional look.

Larraz’ black and white pencil drawings feature traces of human faces. The ethereal subjects of these delicate portraits seem to come out of the work and get closer to the viewer, leaving a shadow on the paper behind themselves. Larraz captures the essence of her subjects even just drawing the outlines of the faces and of the physiognomic traits. The faces look quiet and peaceful but still some emotions shine through the faded black lines.

One of the most expressive examples of the portraits of the young Spanish artist is her black and white drawing titled “Totentanz”. The title of the work recalls an icon of Medieval art featuring a dance with men and skeletons, but also a macabre piece for orchestra.

Lorena Bueno Larraz

The portrait depicts a woman in a moment of sadness and discouragement. The viewer can feel empathy for the emotions of the figure but also admire the peacefulness of the whole work. Larraz’ portraits manage to result expressive and strong but also quiet and peaceful at the same time.

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