Violeta Vollmer (DE)


Violeta Vollmer’s accurate delicate black and white pencil drawings of minuscule creatures and plants invite the viewer to get closer and focus on the smallest details surrounding us. 

Violeta Vollmer is an eclectic artist. She investigates a variety of materials and techniques such as drawing, painting, illustration, photography, video art, sculpture and even design of mode accessories and jewelry.

Overall in her research, Vollmer tries to deconstruct the reality surrounding her and collect its icons. Then, she uses the acquired images to create her own narrative. In other words the artist transforms what she sees and her intimate memories into personal myths, thus anything can be of inspiration for her art.

Vollmer’s black and white pencil drawings depict elements of nature such as insects and plants. The figures of the insects seem to be the result of a very attentive anatomical analysis of their bodies since Vollmer carefully draws even the smallest details of them.

Violeta Vollmer

The creatures are not presented in their natural habitat, rather they are pictured in big scale, as in a scientific study more than in a narrative way. Vollmer presents magnified details of the figures, the smallest elements of the insects’ bodies, the minuscule grains of the leaves. This forces the viewers to focus on the smallest details surrounding them everyday, that are usually overlooked.

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