Artur Popek (PL)


Artur Popek’s images construct surreal landscapes in skewed dimensions. Industrial machinery and trunked animals float above an earthy-coloured imaginary world.

Artur Popek works in many different mediums. Above all he has mastered the art of etching and can formulate delicate compositions based on his imagination. Their mostly monochromatic colour scheme encourages the observer to focus on their many details.

His images show surreal scenes of enormous trunked animals populating deserted spaces.  Pigs, armadillos and elephants stand alone in midst of technical instruments, doll-sized furniture or crooked little plants.

Artur Popek

Almost all of Popeks pictures contain some element of weightlessness. You can often find floating vehicles or animals hauled into the air. This makes them appear like stills from a dream. Defying the laws of gravity and skewing dimensions, Popek builds his own world.

Artur Popek draws inspiration from his childhood in Poland. Endured hardships, economical crisis and loneliness shaped his mindset and identity. His artworks serve as a way to connect to people and spark compassion. Through their quirkiness and detail, his images bring out the very child in us, back to a time when our imagination took us places far away from everyday life. When talking about his artistic process, he says “During the process of creation, there comes a moment when the creation takes over the creator and allows him or her to fill the void in its own compatible system.” (2019) His technical skill compliments his intuitive method and allows him to clearly transfer imagination onto paper. Leaning towards surrealism and symbolism, he combines figurative precision with metaphors and a sensitivity for the unconscious. This allows his world to always find new, surprising pathways while unmistakably maintaining their common character. His sensitive approach shines clearly through all of Popek’s different expressions.

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