Ange Schmiert (AT)


Focusing on the human body using different media, Ange Schmiert’s sculptures create surreal visions by contrasting accurate anatomical representations and disturbing elements. 

The human body is a medium to explore dreams, anomalies and mutation in Schmiert’s artworks. Reality bends as the viewer is confronted with sinister visions created by the contrast of accurate anatomical representations and surreal elements. This combination makes Schmiert’s artworks powerful by merging the possibilities of figurative and representative art.

In her three-dimensional artworks the human body’s imperfections and anomalies are celebrated as recurrent characteristics of Schmiert’s subjects. During her creative process, she sometimes works with photoshops to visualize compositions and ideas that she then renders in various materials. Creating clay sculptures, plasters or drawings; her artworks share strong contrast of light and shades.

The common dark background of her black and white drawings enhances the impression of a surreal vision. On the other hand in Schmiert’s sculptures, the lights and shades contrast emphasize the artworks materiality and texture, making the vision of her art an almost tactile experience. 

Ange Schmiert

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