Iveta Tomanová (SK)


Tomanova’s sculptures question the use of technology today. They feature blank figures tied, glued or melted onto their phone screens, shrunken to a size no bigger than a hand.

The Slovakian artist has a background in scenography, which largely influences her practice. Her artworks are like models of the real world, replicating and reenacting big issues on a small scale.

Tomanova forms miniatures of the human body. Despite their rough texture and colourless surface, they have a distinctly recognizable character and display archaic poses of everyday life. Reducing the human form to the bare minimum comes with a contemporary addition: a rectangular element we cannot separate ourselves from anymore. The figures are always holding a phone in their hands as they walk, wonder, struggle and strive.

                                 Iveta Tomanová

Sometimes their limbs or spines are tied to the shells of real phones. Tomanova uses wire as connectors. But the cables are binding the figures to their gadgets and tying their hands, instead of drawing them to each other. Transparent sheets surround the figures, like the web constantly surrounds us invisibly.

Like Giacometti’s little people were bound to the floor, Tomanova’s figures are bound to technology.

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