DeDe Handon (US)


Handon’s abstract collages, exploring negative spaces, are characterized by contrasting colours and fluid, dynamic lines. 

Characterized by contrasting colours and negative spaces, Handon’s abstract collages appear as fragmented spaces rich in fluid movements. Her approach to collage is unique as most of her artworks, using such techniques, are characterized by the division in squared spaces.

The geometrical sections of her artworks recall in a way that of comic strips. Therefore, her collages offer themselves to different interpretations, as the different sectors of her artworks can be read in sequence or observed simultaneously as a whole.

The first interpretation is encouraged by the fact that the different sections tend to represent different subjects; but appear somehow bounded by some figurative common elements, the harmonious colour palettes and the unifying pitch-black backgrounds. 

DeDe Handon

These approaches give the impression that Handon’s collages represent a narrative sequence or multiple blows up of a somehow connected subject. The layered image and sensation of a grander subject is created by the viewers as they combine the fragmented units of Handon’s works through their vision. On the other hand, many of the cut-out shapes harmonize and continue in the contiguous sectors giving the impression that Handon’s collages represent abstract homogeneous subjects easier to observe as a whole disregarding the modular separation. Either impression conveys a great sense of movement, which the restless eyes of the viewers follow, invited to seek their own original connections. The fluid transition from the specific to the general is aided by the bold presence of negative black spaces against which the newspaper cutouts stand out. Working with fragmentation and unity, Handon creates modular artworks made unique by the kaleidoscopic richness derived from the powerful aesthetic of the single sections as well as the enchanting effect of the whole.

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