Meik Brüsch (DK)


Brüsch pastes chunky ornaments behind generic clean flatscreens. Adding real depth and dimension, the installations keep what “3D-TV” can merely promise and will only make you dizzy from the glowing colors.

Meik Brüsch brings together elements of different origins, materials and characters. His aim is to open a dialogue between opposed elements and deliberately evoke the impression of coincidence and ambivalence. Brüsch’s chunky ornaments evoke the illusion of symmetry.

While they are definitely geometrical and compose kaleidoscopic images through repetition, they are not the product of cold calculations. On a closer look they reveal lots of surprises and irregularities. Their tactile character places Brüsch’s pieces rather in the category of installation than painting.

He calls them “assemblages” himself, as they are made up of different compounds, often including wood painted over with oil. Being an ethnologist besides painting, Brüsch also has an interest for materials and their becoming.

                                       Meik Brüsch

One chapter of his work combines his usual reliefs with generic, whiteframed screens. As screens are our major means of viewing images today, so taking this step may be seen as a mark of time. The screens can be lit in different colours, expanding the work’s wide palette even further. This also emphasizes the role the outside plays for Meik Brüsch’s installations. Similar to the light that falls onto a piece influencing the colours, Brüsch likes to leave conclusions and messages up to the viewer, allowing perceptions to become a part of the work, too.

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                           Cross Section of A Rare Specimen                                                                      Diagram