Line Schjølberg (NO)


Schjølbergs’ sculptures and paintings represent an unsettling world where nightmarish elements and eerie violence are disguised by a fairy-tale appearance.

Schjølberg creates complex artworks rich in symbolisms and characterized by an overall unsettling effect created by the overlapping of fairy-tales and gloomy elements. Children, enchanted forests and animals, recurrent subjects of her art, are twisted into a nightmarish vision.

In fact, the kids’ facial features are usually blurred or covered by animals-like masks evoking a sinister dreamlike setting where their identities and outlines are hard to discern. The presence of nature is twisted by the disguised presence of eerily violent elements and of dark gloomy areas. In the triptych Lost Innocence, explores themes of child abuse and violence, making the piece herald of a strong message about social and political justice.

  Line Schjølberg

As it happens for Camouflage, the viewers observing Schjølbergs’ art are pushed to question and reconsider their first impression of her works. In fact the fairy-tale candid world disguise symbols and disquieting elements that ask for an attentive study of each canvas to decipher all its elements.

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