Andrea Cerquiglini (IT)


Cerquiglini’s notebooks embrace the combination of drawing and writing. The dense calligraphy becomes the background from which the silhouettes stand out.

Andrea Cerquiglini encloses his pictures in the pages of notebooks. The Italian artist uses only ink-gel pens, filling the pages of the notebooks with words and drawings. His images show evocative rural scenes or landscapes.

Cerquiglini starts his creation filling the pages with all of his thoughts and creating a background for the drawing made of a dense calligraphy. According to the artist, the writing is just a graphic sign, something needed for the creation of a bigger picture and not necessarily something to be read.

Cerquiglini then proceeds to draw, using the same colour ink-gel pen. The landscapes he creates are evocative images of his life experience. In “Eremi, e casa del custode del giardino segreto”, the artist depicts a rural scene, typical of some regions of Italy.

Andrea Cerquiglini

The peculiar elements of the artworks are the hermitages, houses built far from the cities-usually on mountains- from people who desire to detach themselves from society. Looking from distance, the viewer is confronted with an unique picture, a graphic monochromatic tale made of black signs. Looking closely, the viewer has access to the thoughts of the artist and has the possibility to choose whether to read them or let them just be the part of the suggestive image.

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              Eremi, e casa del custode del giardino segreto                                                             Boscorosso