Nina Urlichs (DE)


Urlich’s images of people are both disturbing and fascinating. They cannot be classified in terms of times and space. Mummy-like shadows are superposed with red-lined silhouettes. 

Born in 1969, German visual artist Nina Urlichs lives and works in Paris. Her art focuses on the expressiveness of the human body. Urlichs establishes a strong connection between the private sphere of the human figure and the macrocosm. The delicate compositions are held only by a non-visible frame.

Different techniques such as ink and acrylic on paper or canvas are used by the artist to define the overlaid and disguised characters. Mummy-like shadows are superposed with red-lined silhouettes, resulting in undefined fragile figures and outlines, making them appear almost three-dimensional. In Urlichs’s works all the components of her composition both come alive and disappear as her figurations decrease in shape and colour – they seem to follow the natural cycle of life and death.

Nina Urlichs

The contrast between her powerful compositions and the delicate nature of their appearance seduces the audience inviting them into an ongoing conversation with the artworks. The artist’s love for dance and theatre is implemented in the presented figures through their candor.

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