Steph Huang (TW/UK)


Huang’s playful installations assemble elements from everyday life and bring them into a new, often ironic order. Her work roots in observation of minimal details and relations.

Steph Huang is a close observer of everyday life and habits. Her installative work is often based on everyday situations. She takes mundane objects and tells a story, initiating an interaction with the viewer. “Everything about prawns” originates in the Taiwanese prawn-fishing halls.

Working class citizens like to spend their free time socializing and fishing around artificial ponds. Assembling industrial materials, prawns and fishing gear, Huang reenacts this situation and transforms the organically grown custom into minimalistic artistic statements. One of these pieces can be seen in our exhibition.

We recommend checking out the whole complex on her website Working and living in London, she draws inspiration both from the make-up of rough eastern neighborhoods and the city’s vivid art scene. Her candy coloured work builds a bridge between clean-cut minimalism and social awareness.

Steph Huang

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